Retaining Employees

Retaining Employees Through Trust, Communication and Culture

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For too long, managers and human resources professionals have approached the issue of employee retention with the question, “How do we make people stay?” While it is a valid question, it is far too simple for approaching the complex reasons that top employees choose to stay with a company and has resulted in far too simplistic solutions that rely on piling on individual material perks instead of fostering business cultures that address employees’ less tangible but far more deeply felt needs.Read More

Google’s New HQ Concept


Google recently announced a complete overhaul of its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Collaborating with the Danish architectural firm BIG and London-based design studio Heatherwick Studio Google aim to create a space for people, nature and ideas to thrive.Read More

Employee Appreciation

10 Employee Appreciation Perks That Any Team Can Afford

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Small and mid-sized companies sometimes feel they’ll never compete with their mammoth corporate counterparts because they can’t afford expensive benefits and perks like long weekend leadership retreats and family health care. But those huge companies don’t have the opportunity that small businesses do to tailor their perks and appreciation to the individual employees. Read More