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Eye-catching stories and helpful advice relating to all things work.
  • AirBnB Portland Office
    Airbnb's New HQ is a Relaxing, Cosy Delight
  • 7 Ways To Screw Up Your Interview
  • I Bet You've Not Seen A Resignation Like This Before...
  • Five Minutes With: Holly Potter - Innovation Expert at Bozboz
  • 1947 Librarian Vocational Film
    The 1947 Vocational Film to Becoming a Librarian
  • Red Bull Daily Grind
  • Sore Thumb Portfolio
    This Portfolio Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb
  • Richard Hamilton BBC Interview
    Let's Debate O-levels
  • Pearlfisher Ball Pit
    This London Agency Builds A Giant Ball Pit. Jump In!
  • Business Town
    Children's Book Author & Illustrator, Richard Scarry, Explains the Modern Age
  • Wine CV
    This "Wine Label" CV Lands Marketing Exec a Dream Job At A Wine Company
  • How to be an Awesome Boss
    This App Will Bring Out The Awesome Boss In You
  • Pionen Nuclear Bunker Data Centre - Meeting Room
    Where Bond Villains Work - Pionen's Underground Data Centre
  • Google's New HQ Concept
  • Sage HQ
    Sage HQ (Newcastle) - The First FTSE100 To Be Mapped With Google Business View
  • Pact - Hiring a Coffee Roaster
    Pact - How To Hire For A Job No-one Is Qualified To Do
  • For Those That Love To Doodle At Work, Kirsten Camara Has The Perfect Desk For You
  • Tristan da Cunha Remotest Island
    Architects: Redesign The World's Most Remote Island Village
  • Casual Dress Codes are Great, No Dress Codes are a Disaster
  • Chinese billionaire takes over 6,400 employees on holiday to France (costing £24m)
  • Candy Crush has a new "King-dom", and it's awesome!
  • CV Template
    13 Slick and Highly Professional CV Templates
  • Commuting to work in 1980s London
    A Perfect Snapshot of 1980s Commuting in London
  • Your Global HR Director Knows When You Are In The Loo…
  • The University of Cambridge is Hiring for a LEGO Professor
  • Should I Work for Free?
  • This Brilliant LEGO Calendar Syncs With Google
  • LinkedIn's Amazing New Empire State Office has a Doorway to a Secret Bar
  • Relevant Resume
    Jeff Scardino and his amazing Non-CV
  • Icefall Doctor - Is this the Most Dangerous Job in the World?
  • Recruitment PR Stunt Lords
    Guru Careers - What We've Learnt From Our Australian Cricketer Viral
  • Happy Birthday Windows '95
  • Jobs in F1 - Inside: Force India
  • A Web Developer Walks into a Bar…
  • A Posh Ski Retreat Or A Private Equity Firm's New Office?
  • Women Working in North Korea - Hotel
    Women Workers in North Korea
  • CV Design Image
    12 Brilliant Resume Templates That You'll Want To Steal...
  • CoBoat - The Ultimate Workspace
    "The Saily Commute" - Travel The High Seas While You Work
  • This Airbnb Holiday Home Comes With A Free Bookshop Job
  • Quit Your Job and Travel The World
    Adventurous Couple Quit Their Jobs And Sail The World With Their Cat
  • Remote Working
    Empty Desk Syndrome - The End of Head Office is Nigh?
  • Office Dog
    4 Reasons Why An Office Dog Will Transform Your Workplace
  • Work Life Miniaturised
  • CTO Tips On Getting Hired
    Tick These 6 boxes To Get Your CV Noticed By A CTO
  • Google's Newest Co-Working Space Is A Converted Battery Factory
  • See How Professionals React At Being Asked To Work For Free
  • Careers Advice
    This Amazing Advice Will Instantly Make You Want To Quit Your Job
  • David Darling Talks Codemasters, Kwalee & Talent Retention
  • The Worst Job in Town
  • Workplace Trends for 2016
  • A Frank And Honest Look At Diversity
  • The Perfect Brew For Hard-working Coders
  • Welcome to the Candidate Assessment Safari
  • A 1984 Video Guide To Sending Emails.
  • Get Paid To Drink Beer And Travel The World
  • A Beautiful And Diverse Snapshot Of Those Who Work In Tech
  • Occupations Ranked by Creepiness
  • Graduates – Here's some quick tips to landing your dream job!
  • How to Work Better: A New York Mural
  • Village Greens to Reading Nooks, Airbnb Have New Offices in London, Sao Paulo and Singapore
  • This New Tool Removes Unconscious Bias From The Interview Process
  • This Chap Quit His Job To Kayak The Med With His Dog (For 3 Years)
  • Idris Elba Asks Grown-Ups "What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up"
  • Swift Developers Are A Bunch Of Bearded Hipsters
  • We Are Guru (2016) – 12 Months Producing Our Best Website Yet.
  • Pop Up Offices Are All The Rage
  • Daily Advice For A Creative Life
  • Five Minutes With: esure's CIO
  • Gender Pay Gap
  • Brexit Poll: Employers Predict 8% Headcount Growth
  • The Restaurant Office Space Revolution
  • Escape the London Rat race - Guru are hiring...
  • Indeed's Movie Themed New York Office Has A Yoga Studio And Amazing Roof Top Views
  • Bygone Professions: The Last Day of Hot Metal Type Setting at the New York Times
  • The Visual Diaries of Legendary Designer Lance Wyman
  • Joseph Herscher Boosts Productivity With His Heath Robinson Style Machines
  • Yelp's Amazing New York Office has Gaming Zones and In-House Baristas
  • This Commodore 64 Has Helped Run A Mechanics For Over 25 Years
  • Which Employers Are The Best Interviewers?
  • Photographs of Tokyo Commuters
  • French Bank Uses Emoticons To Engage With Millennial Jobseekers
  • Studio Hardie Collaborate With Nissan To Take Hot-Desking To A Whole New Level
  • Etsy's New Brooklyn HQ is a Creative Hive
  • Jobs in F1 - Inside: Red Bull Racing
  • Porsche is Giving ALL 21,000 Employees a €9,111 Bonus
  • Unhappy at Work? Become a Professional Writer in the Caribbean
  • Basecamp Benefits
    Basecamp Gives It's Employees £4000 A Year To Go On Holiday
  • Modern Resume Template
    43 Modern Resume Templates to WOW Employers
  • 9 to 5 Does Not Work in Creative Companies
  • Saatchi & Saatchi's New London HQ by Jump Studios is "British with a Twist"
  • Adobe's New London HQ has a Rooftop Running Track
  • The Last Job on Earth
  • And You Thought Your Commute Was Bad!
  • Bangladeshi Train Riders Take Dangerous Commuting To A Whole New Level
  • Microsoft’s New Tree House Meeting Rooms Are A Breath Of Fresh Air
  • Beautiful Workplace Portraits
  • WeWork Set To Become The Largest Office Tenant In London
  • In Japan Overworking Employees Are Nagged With Drones Blaring Auld Lang Syne
  • Up to 250 Bikes Go Missing From Google's HQ Every Week